Being fit feels good!

As I walked to my usual spot to warm up, I took a good look around. Some confident and some not so much. Why do I even work out? Is it to look good for the ladies or am I doing it because I actually want to be physically fit, and have high self-esteem?

When I first started working out it was because I was taking a health and wellness class at university. I wasn’t planning on lifting, but since we were required to spend 120 minutes each week exercising I decided to start jogging on a daily basis instead. I was hesitant about lifting at the gym because I was this skinny 5’ 11 Asian guy, and going to the gym by myself would be super intimidating. I felt like people would make fun of me and look down upon me. Luckily I had a good roommate who wanted to get back into shape and was already pretty strong, so I felt somewhat comfortable tagging along. I was still pretty scared at first because I felt like everyone was watching my every move. After a while I started to see some results and started going by myself because my roommate and I had different schedules. gym-pic

After learning more about health and weight lifting, I realized that there are some pretty unproportionate individuals at the gym, mostly guys. Big chests and biceps, which to me looked pretty funny. That was when I realized that I didn’t want to look that way. After 3 months of continuous lifting and learning, I finally understood that I don’t need to work out to look good for anyone else. I don’t need to worry about how others view me. All that really matters is how I feel about myself. For the longest time society was telling me that I need to have this perfect body for people to like me. Sure, people are attracted to individuals who are physically fit, but if that’s all we’re looking for in a person than we have missed the point of developing healthy relationships.

I workout almost everyday now, but the reason I do is because I want to feel good and have a working body. Some of you might be thinking “I don’t have time or I can’t lose weight!”. I’m here to tell you that there’s always time if you prioritize and set realistic goals. The only exception would be if you actually have a medical condition that restricts or prevents you from doing so, that to me is acceptable and understandable.

Exercise is one of the best kind of medicine there is out there! Find what works for you and make it a daily habit. It’s easy to develop good habits as it is to develop bad ones!


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