The influence of decor

Have you ever walked into a room and just had a stone cold feeling? I know for myself that I have been a victim of experiencing emotionless, dead rooms. The environment that we surround ourselves in affects how we function on a day-to-day basis. That’s why we need to ensure that we create a living environment that will help us to reach our optimal mood.

img_20160928_132331004Sometimes people say that they are too busy to decorate their homes, but honestly that’s just a lie that we tell ourselves because we are too lazy to spend those few extra minutes in our day trying to figure out how we want to decorate. I can always remember come homing from a long day of work and walking through the front door of my home and thinking “Hmmm, it looks really cluttered in here, and the wall is plain”. I can remember times when I walked into someone else’s home and thought to myself “It feels nice in here. I could live here”. Now you might be thinking to yourself “maybe one of the homes were more expensive, had bigger rooms, or even had nice furniture, but that isn’t the case”. The decor of a room can change how one feels in just one instant. Think about how you feel when you walk into a white room that’s spacious and organized or
how about when you walk into a room that’s all dark, cluttered, beat up couches, and a shady lamp?  You feel calm in a room that’s bright and spacious, and when you walk into a dark cluttered room you might experience anxiety or claustrophobia.

The more decor you add to a room the more emotions you experience.  Decor adds life and feeling to an environment. Everyone has different tastes and styles, but the effect of adding décor to a room will always remain the same, to give life and feeling to an environment and ultimately help us reach our optimal mood.


4 thoughts on “The influence of decor

  1. Ida Auclond says:

    I strongly believe in the influence of decor, too. It can be tiresome to tell yourself that you should really do something about so-and-so.
    We bought a new house last year and it is terribly underfurnished. I can’t wait to have enough savings to buy adequate furniture for one room at a time. ^_^


  2. petlovingtraveler says:

    I walked into an enormous house for a Holiday a few years ago and the entire time I was there, I felt cold and uncomfortable. Not from the temperature of the house, but from the feeling the house gave me. It was an empty vessel that a couple with a lot of money lived in. There were no photos on the walls or any tangible items to create a home. Each room of course was decorated, but it was all a theme and for show. I am unsure if this is the difference between making a house a home, or a difference in opinion in what makes a house a home. I look forward to reading more from you!

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